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At Broadway Builders, we have an entire team dedicated to successfully transitioning a project from the design development phase to the construction phase. Our Pre-Con (or Pre-Construction Services) team heads up this effort by focusing on the following key tasks:


Cost Estimating: Preparing budgets and iterative cost estimates, from conceptual design all the way through to 100% construction documents. Includes assessing the cost and availability of key component selections to assist ownership with critical decisions.


Construction Scheduling: Establishing a comprehensive, detailed, and workable construction schedule. Includes buying out and scheduling all trades, while considering critical path items, major milestones, and possible accelerations to the overall schedule.


Value Engineering: Finding alternate means and methods of construction materials by sourcing alternatives to achieve time and materials savings without compromising quality or design intent.


Site Preparation: Preparing the job site, as needed, through demolition, environmental clean-up, remediation, optimizing logistics, and putting in place neighboring protection and access agreements to begin the construction in a timely fashion.

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